Birth Preparation: How to Choose the Best Class for You


As you prepare to welcome a new baby into your nest, you’ve probably got a running checklist of all the things you need to do before the big day—set up the nursery, pack your bags (for a hospital birth), prep the birth space (for a home birth), schedule prenatal meetings with your doula, and so forth.

I suspect that somewhere on that list is also “Take A Birth Prep Class,” and if so, great! This blog post is for you.

As you consider your childbirth education options here in Central and Northcentral Wisconsin (including Marshfield, Medford, and Wausau), here are a few things you may want to consider in order to choose the class that is best for you:

Inclusive Curriculum

Think about your family. Think about the birth you want for yourself. Do they look like everyone else’s? Probably not! No two families are alike; no two birth plans are the same.

Pregnancy, birth, parenthood—these are all unique-to-you experiences in your life; choosing a class that is inclusive in both language and course content is important. Ask about the curriculum: what types of births/delivery methods (medicated/unmedicated, vaginal/assisted/cesarean) are covered? What birthing locations (i.e. hospital or home) are considered?

Think about what you want and ensure that in whatever class you choose, your questions will be answered and your desires will be supported.

Comprehensive Content

And while you’re checking that the curriculum being taught is inclusive, you should also make sure it’s comprehensive! It’s not unusual for some childbirth classes to only teach you what’s “standard practice” or “preferred behavior” at a specific birthing location, but neither of those is necessarily the same as evidence-based care and delivery.

It’s also not uncommon for birth prep classes to only prepare you for labor and delivery, but what about what comes after? If you’re hoping to get more out of your course (such as postpartum planning, aka life with baby), you’ll want to make sure that the class you choose fits the bill!

Ultimately, you want a curriculum that talks you through all of your options so that you are prepared to make the choices that are best for your family. It’s not about being a good patient, after all—it’s about building a good experience for yourself and your baby through pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Unbiased Instructor (…and information!)

Equally as important as the curriculum being used is the instructor teaching it. Make sure it’s someone you trust to be unbiased, to give you all of the *facts,* and to be supportive of your plans. If it feels like your instructor has an agenda outside of helping you have your best birth and baby experience, get outta there! Childbirth education should be a judgment-free zone (and actually, so should pregnancy and parenthood, while we’re talking about it).

If it sounds like I’m describing a class that doesn’t exist, I’m not! Here at Light My Path Maternity Services, you will find all of the above—and more! Let’s connect and talk more about how our Preparing For Birth childbirth prep courses can meet your needs during this really incredible time in your life.

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