Dads and Doulas: The Ultimate Birth Support Duo

As more and more dads step into really hands-on roles in the delivery room, it can be kind of intimidating or even offensive when their partner wants to hire a doula. Sometimes the concern is preserving the intimacy of the experience, but most often what I hear is this: dads are afraid that doulas are replacing them in the birth experience…

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Elizabeth Gomez
Doulas Are Like Midwives

It’s a super common assumption anytime I tell someone I’m a doula. They’re either confused and curious, or they say, “So, like a midwife?” (Channeling last week’s post, here.) My initial reaction used to be immediate denial and clarification—of course we aren’t like midwives! We don’t catch babies!

But then I started thinking about it, and maybe people would have an easier time understanding what we do if we did draw a comparison between the two roles. Doulas are like midwives—here’s how:

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