• One ( 90 minute) prenatal visit to assess your needs and desires for birth, define and understand our expectations of one another, and provide you with evidence-based information to help you in making informed decisions for you and your baby.

  • Continuous physical, emotional and informational support for you and your partner for the duration of your labor and birth, so that you can move towards the vision you created for your baby’s birth.

  • Initial postpartum support immediately after birth to help you and your baby get started with breastfeeding.

  • One postpartum follow-up visit to celebrate the birth of your baby and help you process your birth experience. This visit will usually be scheduled within the first two weeks after your baby is born.

  • Phone and email support to answer any questions you may have throughout pregnancy and early labor.

  • Elizabeth’s own Labor Pamper Pack included in every package!

    *This package is for repeat clients or experienced mothers only


  • All items in Coral Package, PLUS:

  • One (3 hour) birth preparation class taught in the comfort of your home. You will be able to choose between a hospital course or a home-birth course.

  • Access to lending library of books on pregnancy, birth and newborn care.

  • Elizabeth’s own Labor Pamper Pack included in every package!


  • All items in Coral Package, PLUS:

  • Your choice of a Private (3 hour) Birth Preparation Class (Your choice of hospital course or home-birth course) or a coupon code for any group Preparing for Birth Course of your choice.

  • Additional Postpartum visit (usually around 2-4 weeks) to provide an opportunity to discuss questions you may have on newborn care and provide referrals to postpartum-related professionals if needed.

  • Copy of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, by Diana West, Diane Weissinger, and Teresa Pitman.

  • Elizabeth’s own Labor Pamper Pack included in every package!